What is the Jazz Guitar Discussion Group ...?

The Jazz Guitar Discussion Group is an online community, forum or discussion list which allows you to communicate easily with other people who play and love Jazz Guitar. It gives you the opportunity to post messages, files, mp3s to the group and receive answers from other members. This list is not restricted: anyone may subscribe and all are welcome to join. Our members come from all over the world and include professional and amateur musicians. The purpose of the group is to be a source of information, news, resources, to support independent jazz guitar artists and provide discussion and reference materials on Jazz Guitar. The group is not tied to the selling of any specific commercial products or services, so all views and opinions are welcome.

All members are invited and encouraged to participate, since it is not an announcement-only list. For quality control, all messages from new members are subject to approval by moderators before being sent to the list. All aspects of Jazz Guitar are discussed, Theory, Technique, Tunes, Concerts, Recordings, Festivals, and Events.

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