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Jazz Guitar Group Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About The Yahoo Jazz Guitar Group

What is the Yahoo Jazz Guitar Group ...?
What is an FAQ ...?
How long has YJGG been going ...?
Where are all the old posts ...?
Who are members of YJGG ...?
Will it always be Free ...?
I'm a female guitar player, how many other women are in the group ...?
How can I help the group ...?
Tell me about the moderation of the group ...?
How can I become a moderator ...?
How do I write to the group moderators ...?

Administering your membership

How do I join or subscribe to the group ...?
How do I post a message ...?
Are there guidelines for posting ...?
How do I edit my replies ...?
What if I don't like a members post ...?
What does "Non-text portions of this message have been removed" mean ...?
How do I post a File or Photo to the group ...?
Where are all the files ...?
What do the subject prefixs mean ...?
How do I read the posts ...?
Help! I don't speak English, What can I do ...?
Yahoo keep truncating the links I put in my posts what do I do ...?
Help! I'm being inundated with email ...?
Is there an easy way to read these messages without the advertisements on the Yahoo group site ...?
How do I read the messages by thread ...?
What are the Mirror Message Archives ...?
Can I reference posts in my emails or on my web site/blog ...?
What's an RSS Feed ...?
How to add or change my email address ...?
When I post on the group site my name is wrong how do I correct it ...?
I subscribed but I can't access all the features on the Yahoo Site, what do I do ...?
Why does list mail come out of order or hours/days late or never appear at all? Why do my AOL members not get all the list mail or digests? Why does it take hours or days for list mail to get to my Hotmail or Yahoo email box ...?

Listening to Jazz Guitar

What recordings should I get ...?
Who played on what recording and where ...?

Learning Jazz Guitar

What jazz guitar learning materials are available free ?
What books are recommended ...?
What videos are recommended ...?
What books do you recommend to improve my sight reading ...?
Where can I get books and videos ...?
Do I need a guitar teacher and how do I find one ...?
What's ear training, do I need it ...?
What jazz standards do I need to know ...?
What's a real or fake book and where do I get one ...?
Do these Jazz Tunes have lyrics ...?
Where can I find transcriptions ...?
What's a play-a-long recording and where do I get them ...?
What's Band-In-A-Box and where are useful resources ...?

Playing Jazz Guitar

Help I've just been to a Jam Session ...?
I am looking for someone to Jam with ...?
I want to list my gigs ...?
I want to announce my sound clip or home video ...?
I teach jazz guitar, how can I list myself ...?
I want to promote my book, workshop ...?
I want to promote my CD/MP3 ... ?
I want to promote my video ... ?
I want to sell my Guitar or Amp ...?
I want to announce my website ... ?


How do I get that Jazz Guitar Tone ...?
I'm a beginner what guitars do you recommend ...?
What amplifiers are recommended ...?
What guitar cases are recommended ...?
What strings are recommended ...?
What software is good for writing music ...?

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