Do I need a guitar teacher and how do I find one ...?

Opinions vary on this, but there is general agreement that some musical mentor is needed. For many that is a teacher who they go to for regular weekly lessons, others it's someone they know or play with on the bandstand.

How do you choose the teacher best suited to meet your needs? First, you need to define your goals as a student (any teacher of merit should ask you this at your first meeting). For example, do you want to learn to improvise, learn to sight-read, or improve your theoretical knowledge? Secondly, you need to decide on the general logistics such as lesson location, budget, and available hours. Next find a teacher and give them a call to interview them to confirm that the two of you make a good match, find out their musical interests and how they are qualified to teach you.

If you decide to find a teacher a good place to start is the group teacher database. These are members who play and teach jazz guitar. This is one of the best bets because, the teachers listed here contribute to the group, are teaching other members and have a reputation as good jazz guitar teachers.

Jazz Guitar Discussion Group Database of Teachers

If there is no-one listed locally to you, the second option is to ask in the group whether there are any teachers locally to you.

If that does not produce any results try seaching the following sites for teachers. Be aware that these sites list teachers who do not necessarily specialise in Jazz Guitar.

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