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What jazz guitar learning materials are available free ?

There is a whole lot of material available on the web. Check out the Member File section in YJGG and in the YJGG File Archive Group for useful material:

YJGG Member File Section

YJGG File Archive

Also check out these member's sites:

Alisdair MacRae Birch Articles from Just Jazz Guitar Magazine and Scale Diagrams for Leavitt

Bert Ligon Articles and hand-outs on creating lines

Bob Russell Articles on "Pentatonic Scale Harmony" "Altered Dominant Lines" and more

Dan Adler Article on "Shortcut to ii-v-i"

Fareed Haque Article's on creating jazz lines and Indian and Arabic Deep drones

Jody Fisher Lesson Archive

Joe Giglio A series of great etudes on standards

Joey Goldstein Book "Joe's Guitar Method - Towards A Jazz Improviser's Technique"

Larry Pinkerton Advanced Guitar Lessons

Bob Taylor The Art of Improvisation, Sightreading Jazz, Sightreading Chord Progressions - Jazz Arts of the MountainWest hosts Bob Taylor's Jazz Instruction books. Available for download, free of charge.

Perry Terhune Guitar Master's site with many articles

Reno De Stefano Articles on "Antecedent-Consequent Phrases" and his doctoral dissertation on "Wes Montgomery’s Improvisational Style (1959-63) : The Riverside Years"

Steve Carter Arpeggio and Scale Studies. Walking Bass Lines on Standards.

Ted Viera Series of online guitar lessons

Other sites to Visit:

Carvel Axis' lessons at

Marc Sabatella "A Jazz Improvisation Primer"

Jazz Guitar Online

Mel Bay's Guitar Sessions

Pat Martino The Nature of the Guitar

Patrick MacFarlane

Ralph Patt

Vision Music

Whole Note

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