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What recordings should I get ...?

The following albums have been consistently recommended and are listed in the group CD Database.

Artist  Album Title
Art Farmer (w/Jim Hall)  "Live at the Half-Note"
Barney Kessel  "The Poll Winners with Ray Brown and Shelly Manne"
Barney Kessel  "Barney Kessel
Bill Frisell  "Have a Little Faith"
Charlie Christian  "The Genius of the Electric Guitar"
Chuck Wayne  "Morning Mist"
Derek Bailey/Barre Phillips  "Figuring"
Django Reinhardt  "The Classic Early Recordings in Chronological Order"
Duke Robillard and Herb Ellis  "Conversations in Swing"
Freddie Green and Herb Ellis  "Rhythm Willie"
George Benson  "The George Benson Cookbook"
George Benson  "Blue Benson"
Grant Green  "Idle Moments"
Grant Green  "The Complete Quartets w/ Sonny Clark"
Hank Garland  "Move! The Guitar Artistry of Hank Garland"
Herb Ellis  "Oscar Peterson Trio at the Concertgebouw"
Herb Ellis and Joe Pass  "Two for the Road"
Herb Ellis, Joe Pass (w/ Ray Brown and Jake Hanna)  "7 come 11"
Howard Roberts  "The Real Howard Roberts"
Howard Roberts  "Color Him Funky: H R Is a Dirty Guitar Player"
Jack Wilkins  "Merge"
Jim Hall  "Concierto"
Jim Hall  "Alone Together"
Jimmy Raney  "Visits Paris
Jimmy Raney  "A"
Joe Maneri / Joe Morris / Mat Maneri  "Three Man Walking"
Joe Pass  "Catch Me"
Joe Pass  "The Best of Joe Pass: Pacific Jazz Years"
Joe Pass  "For Django"
Joe Pass  "Virtuoso"
John Abercrombie  "Tactics"
John McLaughlin  "Extrapolation"
John Pisano (& Billy Bean)  "Makin' It Again"
John Scofield  "Time On My Hands "
Johnny Smith  "Moonlight in Vermont"
Johnny Smith  "The Sound of the Johnny Smith Guitar [ORIGINAL RECORDING REMASTERED] "
Kenny Burrell  "Midnight Blue"
Louis Stewart  "Out On His Own"
Martin Taylor  "Gypsy"
Mike Stern  "Standards (& other songs)"
Pat Martino  "El Hombre"
Pat Martino  "Live at Yoshi's"
Pat Martino  "Live!"
Pat Metheny  "Bright Size Life"
Paul Desmond (w/ Ed Bickert)  "Pure Desmond"
Rene Thomas  "Guitar Groove"
Sonny Sharrock  "Ask the Ages"
Tal Farlow  "The Swinging Guitar of Tal Farlow"
Tal Farlow  "Fascinating Rhythm"
Tal Farlow  "Autumn in New York"
Tuck & Patti  "Tears of Joy"
Wayne Krantz  "2 Drink Minimum"
Wes Montgomery  "Boss Guitar"
Wes Montgomery  "Smokin' at the Half Note [LIVE] "
Wes Montgomery  "Full House"

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