When I post on the group site my name is wrong how do I correct it ...?

If you are posting off of the Groups site and find the wrong name showing up, the following will correct that:

Customizing Your Profile (Identity)

Go to your Account page - under your name (top right).

The left side of your account page displays these options:

Login - your email address - change it here. Password - change or delete. Email aliases.
Preferences - time zone, date format, editor preference on the website, receiving your own posts by email
Security - set up 2-factor authentification
Identity - your profile. See details below.
Other Services - oauth logins, if any
Recent Bounces
Billing - If you have a premium or enterprise account, your credit card on file and payment history.

Your Profile

Click Identity.
On that page, you can set a display name, tell others about yourself, and post a photo if you would like to do so. You can set this information for the Groups.io site (your account profile) and/or for each group you're subscribed to (group profiles).

You can also create a display name.
Set your profile privacy: Public, other members of your group, or only group owners and moderators.

Save changes by clicking update group profile.

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