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When I post on the group site my name is wrong how do I correct it ...?

If you are posting off of the Yahoo! Groups site and find the wrong name showing up, the following will correct that:

1. Log onto with your Yahoo ID

2. At the top right are 4 links. Click on the one that says "Account Info"

3. You will now be on an "Account Information" page. On the right hand side of the "Yahoo ID Card" is something that says Public Information, then a link right underneath your Yahoo ID that says "Edit/Create Profiles." Click on this link.

4. The next page should have an [Edit] next to your Yahoo ID -- click on that.

5. On the next page, there's a link in a box that says "Edit Profile Information." This link is right below the box towards the top that says "xxxxxxx's Profile" [xxxxxx being your Yahoo ID]. Click on the Edit Profile Information link.

6. NOW this new page is where you put in your name -- In the "Your REAL Name" box is where you want to put the name you want to show up in emails to your list *when posting from the website*.

If you are having this problem and are NOT posting from the website, it most likely means you need to take a look at the settings in your email

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