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Who are members of YJGG ...?

There are currently over 6660 members; six are moderators, including the founder Alisdair MacRae Birch. All the moderators are unpaid and donate their time as they are able. Members come from all over the world and include professional and amateur guitar players, listeners, promoters, press, writers, DJ's, recording companies, video producers, fans and artists. The group has a large number of professional guitar players from around the world. Some of these members choose to remain anonymous and may post under a pseudo name rather than use a recognizable id. Please bear this in mind when postingl Our focus has always been on International Jazz Guitar, whilst post should be in English, we encourage participation from non-English speakers. See Help! I don't speak English, What can I do ...?

Some of the contributors to YJGG and the FAQ are listed below. To get an idea of who is involved you can click on the names and investigate their sites or go to the archives and see whose been posting!


Alisdair MacRae Birch Andy Smith David Ruddick Tom Reynolds Juan Vega Randy Vince R Will Halligan

Contributors include:

Andy Robinson Bert Ligon Bob Russell Brent Stuntzner Cliff Kuplen Dan Adler Dave Wilson Dave Woods David Lee Deolindo Casimiro Dick Onstenk Don Price Edward Tootill Ercan Yagci Eric Goosenberg Faizal Ali Fareed Haque Francis Forte George Bullock Hans van Leeuwen Jack Wilkins James Seaberry Jim Hahn Jim Kangas Jim Sullivan Jimmy Bruno Jody Fisher Joe Novack John Amato John Dierckx Jörg Heuser José Eduardo Morais Juan Vega Ken Kuboken Mark Secosh Mark Silva Michael Crutcher Mike Evans (Howard Roberts Tribute) Patricio Murphy Paul Erlich Perry Terhune Petri Krzywacki Polk Shelton Ralph Patt Randy Groves Reno De Stefano Ron Murray Scott Dercks Sebastian Chow Seth Godcher Shane Simpson Sheryl Bailey Sid Jacobs Simon Butler Steve Carter Tony Hughes Victor Saumarez Zeek Duff

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