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Help! I don't speak English, What can I do ...?

We encourage participation from members all around the world. Post should be in English. There are a number of online translation tools you can use.

You can translate your post here using:

Some of our members subscribe and post their messages using T-Mail Email Service. The service is free and there are a number of ways you can use the service.

Register for your own T-Mail E-Mail address - messages to are automatically converted from one language to your preferred language. T-Mail forwards the translation to your current e-mail address.

Or Cc: Service (no registration required) you can use your current e-mail account. By adding the appropriate T-Mail address to the Cc: line of any message, T-Mail will translate the message.

Others prefer to use Alta Vista's Babel Fish Translator or InterTran.

Yahoo online translators list

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