Help! I'm being inundated with email ...?

When you subscribe your membership defaults to sending individual email messages. As this is a high volume email list we recommend you set your subscription option to Daily Digest or Special Annoucements only. Once a member you have four options that allow you to choose between using email or the web site. They are:

These can be set easily by either of two methods:

Note: The system takes time to react to the changes in email delivery. Once you make the change, please allow 24 hours for your changes to become effective.

[a] On the Jazz Guitar Discussion Group web site, click the Subscription link on the upper left You will see a page that lists the delivery options and allows you to select a new option. Once your choice is made, click Save Changes. Your messages will arrive in the selected format thereafter.

[b] Or, Send a blank email from YOUR account to: provides message help here:

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