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How to add or change my email address ...?

Here are step by step instructions on adding or changing your email address:

1. Log in at Yahoogroups

2. Click on the Account Info link at the top

3. Enter your password

4. Click the Edit button for the section showing email addresses

5. Add your new email address and click Finished

6. Click the Edit button for the section showing email addresses AGAIN

7. Click the "Unverified" link below the box with your new email address

8. Click the button to send an email verification

9. Check your email and click on the URL in the verification email from Yahoo

10. Fill in your password and click the button (some people have had difficulty at this point with Yahoo not accepting their password, if that happens, wait 24 hours and try the URL again)

11. Go back to Yahoogroups to your MyGroups page

12. Click on the "Membership Wizard" link and follow the instructions there

13. Go back to your MyGroups page

14. Click on "Edit My Groups" and change your email address on the lists you want moved to your new address and click the Save Changes button

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