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I subscribed but I can't access all the features on the Yahoo Site, what do I do ...?

If you subscribed by sending an email you are what Yahoo refers to as "Email only member". With an email only membership you can receive and post email from the group.

TO ACCESS THE WEB SITE you need to do two things; obtain a Yahoo ID, and "link" your subscribed e-mail address to that Yahoo ID. Link means to associate the email address to the Yahoo ID.

OBTAINING A YAHOO ID (if you already have a valid Yahoo ID you may skip this step)

1) Go to

2) Under "New Member?" select the link for "Click here to register for FREE!". You will then be taken to the registration form.

3) Fill in all the blanks. In the "Alternate E-Mail" space, that means *alternate* from using Yahoo mail, so in this space, please enter your e-mail address that is subscribed to the group. Click the "Submit the Form" button at the bottom of the form. Because of the very large number of people in the Yahoo! community, it's possible that the Yahoo ID you have selected may already be used by someone else and that you'll need to choose another.

After you 'submit the form', Yahoo could respond that that is so, that the ID you selected is already in use. Try again with another alternative until you find one that Yahoo! accepts.

IMPORTANT: Write down your Yahoo ID and your Yahoo password on a note card to keep near your computer monitor, in a safe place. You'll need them later, every time you log in (sign in).

4) Yahoo Groups will send you a "Registration Confirmation" in your regular e-mail telling you all the things you can do with your new Yahoo! account - except that it may forget to mention the Yahoo Groups service!


2) Under "Don't have a password? Forgot your password?" enter your subscribed e-mail address and click the "Continue" button. Follow the instructions.

3) Check your e-mail. You will receive an "Authorization Code" from Yahoo. Return to the convwiz site (address shown on the "authorization" message), enter the authorization code and follow the instructions to complete the process.

Let the process rest for a little while, 20 minutes to several hours, for the change to work its way through the database servers at Yahoo.


1) Go to

2) Enter your Yahoo ID (not your e-mail address) and your Yahoo password. Click "Sign In". A page will open called "MyGroups," showing all the Yahoo Groups to which you have an active subscription. Bookmark this page if you are subscribed to more than one group.

3) Click on the name of our group. You will be taken (at last) to our group's main page. (Bookmark this page if this is your only YahooGroup subscription.)

4) Use the links on the left of the page to navigate the site.

OPTIONAL - CREATE A PERSONAL PROFILE To list your name and/or any other information if you wish:

1) Click "My Account" at the very top of the page.

2) When that page opens, click "Edit/Create Profile" at the upper right hand side of the page.

3) Fill in any information you want to share with the group. All items are totally optional. Unless you really want your junk e-mail to increase drastically, make certain you DO NOT CHECK the "Directory Listing" box near the bottom of the form. (By that, I mean do not click to enter your personal information in the Yahoo Members' Directory.)

4) Click the "Save Changes" button at the bottom of the page. This is crucial. You must click "save changes."

5.) Then you'll be returned to the "MyAccount" page again. If not, click "My Account" again, at the top of the page. When that page opens, click "finished" (at the very bottom).

The above may seem overly complicated (because it is!) but you only need to go through this once.


An option is available so that subscribers may create up to five different personal profiles for each Yahoo ID, if they wish. Thus, someone may wish to use one particular personal profile for their dog lists, and another personal profile for their family reunion list, and a third for a community service group. That's especially easy to do if one uses other email services, such as hotmail or Yahoo mail or Juno for some subscriptions, and links each of these separate email addresses to the one Yahoo ID.

After you have completed this registration process and have linked your subscription to your Yahoo ID, then please wait at least 24 to 48 hours before you attempt to log in again.

From then on, access to our web features is simple. Each day, just go to: and sign in (log in) with your Yahoo ID and Yahoo password. Then click "My Groups."

Or, if you wish to use the site frequently to manage your groups' subscriptions and read the messages there at the web site, then simply set your sign-in (log in) so that Yahoo remembers you, and make the following URL your home page:

Yahoo Provides Addtional Help here:

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