I'm a female guitar player, how many other women are in the group ...?

About a third of our membership are women ranging from professional to amateur players.

Amanda Monaco, Dawn Thomson, Jane Getter, Janet Marlow, Leni Stern, Linda Taylor, Margaret Slovak, Margaret Stowe, Mimi Fox, Monnette Sudler, Sheryl Bailey, Susan Weinert

Check out these historically important women Jazz Guitarists

Emily Remler and Mary Osborne

Links recommended by members

International Association for Jazz Education (IAJE) - "Sisters In Jazz" program.

Women in Jazz (UK) - The Women's Jazz Archive, a registered Charitable Trust was established in Swansea, UK in 1986 by pianist and historian Jen Wilson. The Archive collection was based at Swansea University, UK from 1992-1996 with a public opening by Crissy Lee Big Band in June 1993. The Archive, now known as Women in Jazz, move into new premises in January 2002 with support provided by the City & County of Swansea. The Jazz Collection comprises many thousands of audio/visual records, photographs, journals and periodicals, a growing library, paintings, stained glass windows and stage gowns.

Jazz Grrls - Database of Women in Jazz.

International Women in Jazz, Inc - a not-for-profit organization.

Seattle Women's Jazz Orchestra (SWOJO) - Showcases the performance skills of leading female jazz artists in the Pacific Northwest.

Austin, TX's Women in Jazz

Women Guitar Sites (Non Jazz Specific)


Women in the Blues

Guitar Girls

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