How can I help the group ...?

If you have some specific ideas about how the group could be improved and can donate time to make it happen, we loved to hear your suggestions.
In general, the most important thing for a group like ours is being a regular poster and promoting the group on your website or blog.

Commit to being a regular poster.
All groups like ours rely on regular posts by the members. Many members join because they are seeking answers to questions. They receive the answers to their questions, but they forget to return the favor they received, by answering other members questions. Interaction is the key to the group. Commit to become a regular poster and help another member of the group by making regular informative posts.

Promote the Group on your web-site or blog.
Many of the group members have links on their site to the group. This helps others know about the group and helps the group grow. It can also help your website or blog by having a link to a related high traffic website because some search engines use this to help with their classification or categorization of your website. Using RSS you can even place the lastest posts on your website as news items. See: What's an RSS Feed ...? Links can be made using either the shortcut URL or the long form

The Jazz Guitar Discussion Group

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