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What's an RSS Feed ...?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a way to distribute web content which enables you to read or display recent group messages on another location of your choice. You can read messages in an RSS reader, or a news aggregator and display messages in your blog such as Yahoo 360 ; or on My Yahoo for others to see. Any members who have "blogs" which are capable of RSS can include a feed from the YJGG. See also:Can I reference posts in my emails or on my web site ...?

To read the posts in your RSS reader or news aggregator put the following URL in your RSS Reader

One the simplest ways to include it on your website is to use RSS to Javacript viewer code. There are quite a number available on the web, for example:

RSSinclude from is a very simple web application that allows you to integrate RSS content into your website using a choice of PHP, Javascript or iFrame implementation.

RSS2HTML takes your RSS feed and creates a complete web page from it, using your layout and color scheme choices.

Yahoo provides a free RSS reader here:

Yahoo provides help on using the group RSS Feed here:

You can find more information on RSS Readers here:

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