How do I edit my replies ...?

Please use "inline posting" when ever replying to messages, deleting irrelevant quoted text and preserve attributions/author. Posting to newgroups is different from email. "Inline posting",means you insert your comments straight after that on which you are commenting, having stripped unnecessary text from the original quoted text. The end result is something which makes much more sense because it reads like a conversation. The interleaving of the text makes it immediately clear what is agreeing or disagreeing; and you can understand the first half of the article just by reading the first half, rather than having to read the whole thing before it can make sense. It creates a conversational style.


"Inline Posting" V "Top Posting"

Inline Posting

>Would you like a cup of tea?

Yes please.

>How do you take it?

One sugar and some milk.

Top Posting

Yes please.

One sugar and some milk.

>Would you like a cup of tea?
>How do you take it?

Put each, appropriately trimmed item that you choose to quote before each of your own comments, respectively.

Remove any remaining "postquoting". Do not leave the entire earlier posting, which you have been responding to, at the end of your own posting.

The number one rule of quoting is quote judiciously. Quote only what is essential to make it possible for the reader to understand what your posting or email message is about. As a rule avoid quoting an entire message (signatures and all). It is not judicious to quote,say, a hundred lines of discussion just to input a single line of one's own. Proper quoting is a skill. If you are going to quote, devote some time to working the quote appropriately. Don't be lazy in this respect.

Leave a blank line after the quoted text before you insert your own because else your text and the quoted text will difficult to distinguish from each other.

Why Use Inline Posting

Four of the main reasons why it is courteous to use "inline posting" and trim your posts are:

1/ Some members in our international list membership still pay for their phone service or internet access by the minute or have restriction on how many hours they can connect each month

2/ Some members reading these emails on handheld devices are subject to download fees based on quantity

3/ It makes the post more readable for our blind members using JAWS (Job Access With Speech). "Upsidedown Posting" by Richard Christopher, Royal National Institute for the Blind, about the problems caused to blind newsgroup users by top-posting and overquoting: Upsidedown Posting

4/ routes all messages through a spam filter. We have found that messages which are not edited following these guldelines are often automatically filtered out.

Microsoft Outlook Users

There are a number of macros which can modify MS Outlook's message composition windows on-the-fly to allow for correct quoting and to change the appearance of your plain-text replies and forwards in general: move your signature, use compressed indentation, customize your quote header, etc.

For Outlook 2007, you can install QuoteFix Macro

For Outlook 98/2000/2002/XP/2003, you can install Outlook-QuoteFix

For Outlook Express, you can install OE-QuoteFix

Or you may want to try another email program Mozilla’s Thunderbird

LInks to Sites on Quoting

Dan's Mail Format Site

If you are new to posting please read a netiquette guide.

Netiquette Guides

Online Netiquette Uncensored
Arlene Rinaldi's Netiquette Guide
Brian Edmonds' Etiquette FAQ

Mailing List Guides

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