Are there guidelines for posting ...?

The Jazz Guitar Group have created posting guidelines that illustrate what should be included when asking for information and replying to a post. These guidelines are included in the welcome materials and are available in the Files section. They were produced to ensure all our members can easily read the posts, and in particular for our visually impaired and blind members.

 The Jazz Guitar Discussion Group Guidelines and FAQ

Our General Posting Guidelines:

1. Edit your message. When replying use "Inline Posting" and eliminate headers and footers, group help text and advertisements. (to/from/subject/date, etc., and signature lines). Read: How do I edit my replies ...?

2. Do not use excessive quoting. Use [snip] to designate where you have cut text from the original post. Quote only enough so that the subject being replied to can be understood. Don't quote an entire post in reply unless the whole quote is required to understand the subject matter. Never quote a whole email just to say "thanks" or that you agree with the poster.

3. Always place an appropriate title in the subject header. Keep it short and succinct. For a more comprehensive guide about writing good questions, you can read Eric Raymond's "How to Ask Questions the Smart Way". It's a bit geeky, but the overall concepts apply anywhere. See:

4. Use a signature on all posts. Signature lines may be a maximum of 4 lines for personal or professional information. Read Signature Etiquette

5. Don't post private email or telephone numbers without permission.

6. Don't indulge in blatant self-promotion. YJGG SHOULD NOT BE USED AS AN EXTENSION OF YOUR MAILING LIST TO PROMOTE YOUR CD's, SERVICES OR PRODUCTS. Our members do not appreciate posts which advertise product solely; but they will listen to those who regularly contribute posts to the group. See: I want to promote my book, online workshop ...? and I want to promote my CD/MP3 ... ?

7. Comply with generally accepted netiquette. See:

8. Do not make personal attacks anywhere in group. Comment on content, not on the contributor. "Attack the subject not the person". Personal attacks will rarely help you make a point; they hurt the YJGG community and deter members from helping create a good interactive discussion list. See: What if I don't like a members post ...?

If you are new to posting please read a netiquette guide.

Netiquette Guides

Online Netiquette Uncensored
Arlene Rinaldi's Netiquette Guide
Brian Edmonds' Etiquette FAQ

Mailing List Guides

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