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I want to list my gigs ...?

We support and encourage the posting of members gigs from regular posters. Please do not just join the group to place your announcement! Postings should observe the following guidelines:

Please preface your subject with GIG: See What do the subject prefixs mean ...? and use the following format:

GIG:Location:Gig Detail

For example:
GIG:Detroit,MI:Jones Bones Quartet

Note the order, location is first, then the Artist. Our group is international so your gig announcement will not be useful or relevant to a large number. The location is important and enables our members to quick scan the message to decide whether they can attend.

We understand your gig is important but please be respectful of our members and DO NOT SHOUT at them by using all capital letters in either your subject line or the body of the message or use excessive promotion language such as "the best", "the greatest" etc.,

As our group is helping you get the word out, please help YJGG by promoting us on your website. See: How can I help the group ...?

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