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How do I post a File or Photo to the group ...?

To prevent virus infection, please ensure you scan all files for viruses you download from the site. We take great care to try to ensure that no files have viruses, but we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by a virus.


Files such as chord melody arrangements, chord diagram files, PDF, Word, Text, can be can be shared with other members in two ways. Please only contribute files that are non-copyright and that you are releasing to the public domain.

1/ Uploaded to the file section

TinyURL for File Section:

We recommend that members upload files to the file section

2/ Sent as an email attachment

Attached to your emails and will be stored in the attachment folder on the YJGG site.Note multiple files can now be attached, up to the 15MB limit. The Attachments section has a total capacity of 100GB.

Simply compose an email message to YJGG, add attachments to that, and click send.


Members photos of guitars, equipment and themselves should be placed in the photo section.

Yahoo has has an ActiveX component or a plug-in (depending on browser) which allows you to upload and download multiple photos making the process much easier. To convert and print images we recommend the program Irfanview

We recommend that transcriptions are saved as image files either JPEG (.jpg) or GIF (.gif) file formats and are posted into the transcription section in the file section and NOT in the photo section. Unfortunately, Yahoo's Photo tool automatically resizes graphics file formats making them smaller to reduce bandwidth. This results in a transcription which is unreadible.

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