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Where are all the files ...?

Files such as chord melody arrangements, chord diagram files, etc.,shared with other membes in are found in three areas.
As always on the internet please use caution when downloading files, it is always a good idea to scan them for viruses before opening.

1/ Yahoo File Section

TinyURL for File Section:

2/ Yahoo Attachment

TinyURL for Attachments Folder:

There are three ways:

* If you receive email from the group, simply click on the image or link in your email to view or download that attachment.
* If you are reading messages on the group, simply click on an image or link in the message to view or download the attachment.
* Alternatively, you can also click the "Attachments" link in the left hand navigation on YJGG and then click the folder of the attachments you want access
to. A new folder is created for each message that is sent with attachments:

TinyURL for Yahoo Help on Attachments:

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