How do I post a message ...?

There are two ways to post a message.


1. Using normal email - Just send a text email to:

2. On the Group site - Click "New Topic" on the left side of the web site.

Please remember to post your messages in English so that all our members can read your message. (We encourage participation from non-English speakers See Help! I don't speak English, What can I do ...?

Give your post a subject title that accurately reflects what you are writing about. If it's a new topic you want to raise, don't just say "New Topic". Say what the topic is. For example, a subject title such as "Beginners practice amp" is more likely to receive replies than a post with a subject such as "What's happening?". Remember the group is international, for many members English is a second language, so make your post as clear as possible, avoid colloquialism and slang. Please avoid one-liners. Members spend time opening messages. They generally look forward to messages with interesting content. Avoid remarks that are supposed to be humourous or sarcastic. Somebody somewhere is bound to misinterpret your statement,w ith the risk of offence. Humour is notoriously difficult to convey through email. The facial expressions, gestures, and stress on certain words which helps to convey humour in speech are absent in email.

How to Post in Plain Text

See also: Are there guidelines for posting ...?

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