How do I read the posts ...?

There are six ways to read the post, by:

1. Email Individual Messages
We receive a high number of posts daily. We recommend that you select daily digest rather than individual posts.
See Help! I'm being inundated with email ...?

2. Email Digest
See Help! I'm being inundated with email ...?

3. Group Web Interface

The web interface allows you to read the posts by date or by thread. See How do I read the messages by thread ...?. You can also use 3 different views within the Messages page, depending upon your individual preference.

* Simple: Shows only the subject lines. This is the most compact view.
* Summary: Shows the subject line and the first part of the message. You can use this to quickly scan the conversation.
* Expanded: Shows each of the messages in full form, on top or each other.

When you change your viewing options, they are remembered for your subsequent visit, so you shouldn't have to set them again.

(Note: preferences are set on your browser and expire after seven days. As long as you visit the site at least once every seven days, using the same browser, you should not need to reset your preferences).

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