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Tell me about the moderation of the group ...?

We moderate the group to ensure the quality of posts, to prevent spam and other commercial orientated posts, and to ensure that all posts can be read by everyone.

Regular posters who post within the posting guidelines, are designated on an adhoc basis as unmoderated members. All their posts are not moderated. About 30% of our membership are unmoderated members.

We would like every poster to be unmoderated. It not only helps you, it cuts down the work that the moderators have to do. If you post within the guidelines your future posts will be unmoderated.

Unfortunately to maintain the quality of the list, we still have to edit some posters emails because they post in html, re-quote excessive amounts of a message and/or they do not remove headers/footers and advertisements. Also, some contributors go further than mention their products and resort to blatant self-promotion and advertising. In fairness to all the professional musicians on the list we try to limit these kinds of postings.

See: Are there guidelines for posting ...?

Note: We often receive messages up to 12 hours after they were initially posted. Your Internet Service Providers may determine if an e-mail is going to a private address or to a list. During certain times of day, those going to a list are designated as non-priority and shunted to the side, while they relay on the email that is going to private email addresses.

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