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I want to promote my book, workshop ...?

Announcements of books, online workshops or services which are to be sold are allowed from regular posters. YJGG has many regular posters, many know one another. Think of it as a physical group that gets together to talk about jazz guitar. If you come into the group and join in, you will be well received, if you are unknown bust in and place ads all over the room you may not be well received! Mention your event or book as though you were informing friends rather than placing an ad. Please follow the following guidelines:

1. Be a regular poster in the group. Please do not just join the group to place your announcement!

2. The announcement should be as though you were informing friends, succinct, with minimum marketing terms and a clear link to the site. Please refrain from using excessive marketing terms such as "the best", "the greatest" etc. Please do not post a link only with no text this is termed "link spam".

3. All the ordering information and details must be on the web page accessed via the link.

4. The member posting must have their name and contact details visible in the posting.

5. Before announcing the book or workshop, the website which promotes the book or workshop must include a link promoting YJGG. See: How can I help the group ...?

6. For workshops, please preface your subject with ANN: See What do the subject prefixs mean ...? and use the following format:

ANN:Location:Workshop detail

Note the order, location is first, then the workshop detail. Our group is international so your workshop announcement will not be useful or relevant to a large number. The location is important and enables our members to quick scan the message to decide whether they can attend.

Out of respect for other members please do not indulge in excessive self-promotion. Please keep your signature block to four lines and 60 columns at maximum. Read Signature Etiquette


Ways to promote your CD/Product/Workshop/Gig/Teaching:

1. Add a link to your site in the group links section:

2. Upload a Soundbite/MP3 to the group file section.
See: How do I post a file to the group ...?

3. List your gig/workshop:
See: Can I list my gigs or workshops ...?

4. Add your name to the teacher database:
See: I teach jazz guitar, can I list myself ...?

5. Upload your brochure/publicity shot to the photo section:

6. Reference your posts on YJGG on your website and emails
See: Can I reference posts in my emails or on my web site ...?

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